What is the process like?

  • Once your session is booked and deposit is made, F-8 Studio will arrange a time to meet you and everyone involved in the photo at you home or desired location. This get to know you session lasts about 1-1.5 hours. During this time we sit down and get to know you and start hashing out ideas for the shoot. We will look through rooms and see what gives us the best option to achieve our ideas and then devise a game plan for our shoot day. 
  • Set-up for our photographs is instrumental in getting the final image right. We bring lights, light stands, tripods, computers, carts, sandbags, and anything else needed to make our ideas come to life . We ask that you allow us to move furniture and objects in your home and of course we are always respectful of your space and will put things back as we found them.
  • The whole shoot from start to finish will take about 2-4 hours. Once the theme for your art is agreed upon, we will explain in more detail how the image will come together. Can't give away all of our secrets on the internet!
  • After the shoot We work our magic back in the lab for a few weeks and send you a few different samples for you to make a final decision on what image you like best. We then go back into the lab and come back in two weeks and send you your digital files. These include web ready jpegs as well as full sized tiff files, and digital copies of the usage rights*.
    *Holiday package includes a sized tiff file and limited printing rights. 

How much money are we talking?

  • Our packages start at $950 and go up to $2000. We also offer add ons like Hair, Make up and Clothing Stylist if thats something your interested in too. If you want to make this a big production we have the means of making that happen so don't keep those ideas limited!

What if I want more prints in the future?

That's the nice thing with us, we give you full printing and digital rights (except Holiday package*) so you can make as many prints as you want! 
*Holiday package only gives digital rights and limited printing rights.  

Do you only do family portraits or can you shoot me and my group of friends?

  • We use the term family very loosly at F-8. So yes, it can be any group of people you want to get together but we do charge a group fee for parties larger than 6 people. We have to do this because of the extra work of adding more people into the mix. The fee is $150 per person. Some exception can be made.

Do you only work in Portland, Or? 

  • No way! We offer our packages to anyone in the USA but we do charge travel fees for anything over 35 miles outside of Portland Or. Hotel and travel accommodations fees may apply but we do offer a out of area travel package where you can split the travel cost between other families in your area looking to get a portrait done.